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Motor re-education it is a medical therapy based on exercise as a therapy of movement (kinesitherapy), it aims at restoring normal muscular, myofascial, joint and coordination functions of the movement of one or more limbs and, consequently, of the whole body. It is generally carried out initially in a passive and then active manner. It is essential in case of orthopedic surgery, both as a preparation for it and, later, as a rehabilitation. It is also decisive in the treatment of neuro-motor pathologies.
As well as for therapeutic purposes, motor rehabilitation is rightly assuming an increasingly important role in the preventive and sports fields. Recall that the current lifestyle (sedentary lifestyle, stress, habitats and artificial surfaces) leads to a loss of consciousness of one's body (body despeception) with consequent loss of motor skills, postural alterations, then, ultimately, based on the psychoneuroendocrinoimmunology , of physical and mental health.
Proprioceptive rehabilitation is a neuromotor reprogramming performed through specific stimulations of the entire neuro-motor system.
It must be considered that, when we are in the presence of a trauma, the anatomical lesions also affect the sensory receptors with consequent alteration of the proprioceptive mechanisms ie the "reading" of the surrounding space, by the receptors, and the transmission of information to the central nervous structures; the practical consequences will be the lack / distortion of the consciousness of the position in the space of the various parts of the body and of their coordination in the movement.
On the other hand, in order to achieve maximum efficiency in sports performance and daily gestures, an optimal "neuro-muscular-joint control" is indispensable. Re-educating the proprioceptive reflexes is fundamental, as well as for rehabilitation purposes, also for sports performance and as prevention in general.
The proprioceptive gymnastics technique consists in a continuous stimulation of the peripheral receptors, through which the proprioceptive nervous circuits are activated, through specific destabilizing articular stresses (with different degrees of load and difficulty), which allows to optimize the muscular responses, both in terms of speed and precision, absorbing the destabilizing effect in a physiologically cybernetic way rather than undergoing it.
Muscular strengthening is always evidently an integral part of the indispensable activity for the physical and mental health of man, represented by physical exercise.
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