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 What is Kinesitherapy?

Kinesi, in Greek, means movement. Movement used as medicine to treat the body, limbs and joints, with the energy of the applied action, a method of ancient wisdom that offers recovery and rehabilitation from traumas, illnesses and acute and chronic pains.

What is it about?

The body, in its perfection, is a set of harmonies that work synchronously. But when we lose this balance due to traumatic accidents or the aggravation of illness and disease, pain and blockage prevent us from moving and enjoying our body's functions. In addition to a healthy lifestyle, since ancient times exists the technique of active or passive movement (kinesitherapy) applied to the suffering body to obtain rehabilitation, recovery, reestablishment of the blocked part and progressively return it to the restoration of its total functionality.

What types of traumas and pain can be treated with kinesitherapy?

Fractures, cervicalgia, tendinitis, dislocations, lumbago, sprains, coxalgia, whiplash, periarthritis, traumas of various kinds. Depending on the treatments required, manual, postural or instrumental rehabilitation methods are applied.

Is Kinesitherapy for me?

Move, be there, take part. This is the meaning of our life today.
Kinesitherapy helps you return, to rehabilitate those functions of your body that, blocked by pain, do not allow you to fully live your time. If you suffer from accidents or illness, acute or chronic inflammation or other disabilities, make an appointment with the Kinesportcenter

What instruments are used in kinesitherapy?

Kinesitherapy is a very ancient system, yet constantly updated and evolved. Methods and tools of the latest generation are the best we want to offer you to take care of your pain and your motor impediment. The goal is to restore the movements to get back to being strong and regain psycho-physical wellbeing. The means are many and always highly specialized. At the Kinesiterapico study you can find diadynamic, electrostimulation, iontophoresis, infrared, magnetotherapy, tens, ultrasound, tecar therapy, laser therapy.

Muscles, posture, functions. What does all this mean?

Life moves and movement is the meaning of our life. But when something breaks, gets damaged, stops working, a new element appears, the pain, the unmistakable sign that something is not going as it should, and intervention is needed. In the study of Dr. Francesco Zaffino where the best postural methods are applied such as corrective gymnastics, postural re-education, individual postural re-education. The studio gym is also available for group interventions aimed at specific postural pathologies.

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