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In the introduction, I emphasize that Stretching (tension, elongation), invented by the Californian Bob Andersonnei early seventies of the last century, is considered a functional method for muscle lengthening and flexibility and joint mobility. This type of classic (district) muscular stretching consists of stretching exercises of specific muscle groups through two phases: the first phase, for the first level of elongation; the second phase, for a second level of elongation, after muscle relaxation.
From the initial stretching of Bob Anderson, now little used - in several decades - many other methods have been developed: here we will examine the "Active global stretching", the most effective and used.
It differs from the other methods because it is believed that only the global lengthening is effective and because it provides for the gentle and progressive lengthening of the single muscle, but of different muscle chains simultaneously. It derives from the Global Postural Rehabilitation (RPG), conceived by the French therapist Souchard and finds application, especially in the treatment of the retractions of the static muscle chains.
The active global stretching is so defined because, methodologically, it aims at the global extension of the myofascial chains, with the help of eccentric isometric contractions performed by the subject (active). It is carried out through the execution of certain positions, called "postures", to be maintained for a few minutes in order to elasticize the hypo-resistant or retracted muscle chains, which are identified a priori through the accurate morpho-postural examination of the subject.
For the achievement of the objectives, in physical activities, physical, sports and prevention, dynamic health, well-being, Fitness (Wellness), movement to improve the quality of life, proper body culture is necessary the programmatic component of the global Stretching active, especially for the correlation with postural reprogramming. Knowing your posture is like knowing yourself.
In the professionalism of the Postural Fitness Operator, the knowledge of active global Stretching is decisive and constitutes a leading reason for employability. On the other hand, it enters fully into Functional Training, a current training methodology, but not yet totally mastered in teaching sports problems, prevention and dynamic health.
  Global stretching is indicated in all situations where retracted or hyperextensible muscle chains are present.
It is a fundamental aspect of functional recovery in traumatology and surgery of the musculoskeletal system.
Overall stretching is particularly indicated (in association with other kinesitherapic techniques) in postural fitness and in particular in the prevention and functional recovery of:
  • rachialgia
  • postural disorders
  • pathologies of the elderly
  • sports injuries
In conclusion, it is necessary to underline the importance of a constant and intelligent collaboration between physiotherapist, physician and Postural Fitness operator in order to guarantee the patient the maximum possible functional recovery.

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