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Electrotherapy is a therapy that uses electrical impulses to obtain therapeutic results on the patient. The electrical impulses of electrotherapy are:
alternating electrical impulses: like electrostimulation. These pulses can be low frequency or medium frequency
continuous electrical pulses: iontophoresis.
Electrotherapy allows to stimulate, through the impulses, the injured muscle reducing the hypotrophy, that is the decrease of the volume of the muscle. Alternating electrical impulses produce an analgesic, trophic and excitomotor effect. The continuous pulses, called iontophoresis, allow to introduce drugs into the body, directly in the area to be treated. Iontophoresis is performed through two electrodes (one positive and the other negative) of conductive rubber. The current conveys the medicinal ions to the opposite pole electrode. The ions pass through the piliferous ducts and the sweat glands.
What are the main applications of electrotherapy?
Electrotherapy involves the application of a series of electrodes at the level of the painful area, obtaining an antalgic effect. Electrotherapy is indicated in the treatment of:
  • rachialgia
  • sciatica
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • myalgia
  • tendinitis
  • cellulite
Electrotherapy is contraindicated in patients with pacemakers, in pregnant women, or in cases of current-related allergic reactions.

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