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Mechanical cervical traction is an excellent remedy for the treatment of bothersome cervical symptoms. Unfortunately, this therapy for many years has been underestimated and neglected: but if it is performed well with the help of a professional you can also do it at home according to your needs.

Let's see how it works and what it is for!

This important remedy serves to reduce and eliminate the symptoms of cervical pain, that is the disorder that affects the area of the neck, that set of vertebrae that connect the skull and shoulders supporting the neck.

With age, the cervical vertebrae are crushed due to gravity and this causes the erosion of the cartilages that separate them and a painful painful circle that afflicts the whole area that starts from the back of the neck.
Cervical traction tries to stop this degenerative process by pulling the head upwards in a mechanical and painless way.
To perform the therapy the person must wear a special harness that supports the head starting from the chin and is fixed to a pulley which exerts a contrary weight.
The following image, which shows the Tielle Camp cervical traction device, clearly shows how the mechanism works:

This solution is indicated for people suffering from cervical arthrosis, dysarthria, cervico-brachialgia, cervical hernias, discopathy.
However, this treatment is not recommended for those suffering from high tension and muscular rigidity because the nervous system is so contracted that it can not benefit from traction. These are people who have difficulty falling asleep because the worries tend to stay awake, have a hyper-active life and are very thin, because the nervous system working a lot consumes a lot of energy and for the same reason they have a poor ability to concentrate. For these individuals, another type of therapy is needed to relax and relax the mind and body.
It is a therapeutic modality to be associated with other methods of treatment, but it can certainly be useful if performed with the help of a specialist doctor. Furthermore, it has a great advantage: it can be performed comfortably at home with the appropriate equipment and with a medical assistance.
It takes about 10-15 sessions to feel better immediately because the positive forces perform a gradual decompression of the vertebrae. However, if you do not notice an improvement after 4-4 sessions or if you even feel an increase in symptoms, you must stop and seek medical advice.
Do you have problems with your neck and your doctor has recommended this treatment? Are you a specialist who wants to equip his medical office with this important device? In our online orthopedics and wellness store you will find a wide selection of products to suit your needs: visit the section dedicated to cervical orthoses!

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