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Enjoying a relaxing massage is undoubtedly a desire for many, especially after a long day at work. But besides giving a moment of wellbeing to body and mind what are the other benefits that this treatment can have? Let's find out.

Although it is a widespread practice, or perhaps because it is so widespread, it is difficult to make a clear and precise classification of the practice of relaxing massage.
The contours at this time are not clearly defined, as it is true that relaxation is a consequential effect of any type of massage, including those undertaken for therapeutic purposes, such as decontracting massages, or aesthetics such as anti-cellulitis massages, whether relaxing massages have positive effects on the circulatory system and on the lymphatic system and therefore generally on the state of health and also on the aesthetics of the subject undergoing it.
The fundamental differences between the different types of massages are mainly academic and motivational, in the sense that the type of massage is chosen according to specific needs, this however has positive effects on the general well-being of the person.
It would be ideal to have a massage in the early morning, as a charge to face the day, or even better in the evening so you can completely abandon yourself to relaxation.

The types of relaxing massage

Usually the relaxing massage is done on the shoulders and on the lower back, where muscle tensions accumulate more, but it can also include feet, arms and hands to achieve total relaxation.

How the relaxing massage takes place

The massage is performed in an environment that promotes physical and mental relaxation, with soft lights or candles: you lie on a bed and apply oils or essences to promote the friction of the skin and release a pleasant fragrance. The hands of the masseur alternate fluid movements with light pressure exerted with the palms to dissolve muscular tension and give psycho-physical wellbeing. This results in a deep relaxation, like after a few hours of sleep, increases the flexibility of the body and improves blood circulation, giving a feeling of intense vitality.
It is not advisable to improvise masseurs, perhaps to impress someone, but it is essential to rely on serious professionals to give yourself a moment of total relaxation.

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